Things To Do When Visit Mount Bromo

For travelers and tourist, Bromo is a great destination. Mount Bromo is a mount located in East Java. Actually, this mount has popular in the world. There are many visitors come from other countries. Of course, this fact tells us that Bromo has much attractiveness. In this region, there are many things to do for all the visitors.

However, understand what will do when visiting one place. Especially for travelers and tourist that want to visit Bromo. This place offers many activities. All the activities will give a great experience. Here there are five things to do when visiting Bromo. All the activities below are safe for tourists.


1. Horse Ride
In this place, there are many horses. The tourist can ride the horse. However, it will be a great experience when riding a horse in a great place. In addition, in this place, there is a large sand area. This large sand area is used to do many things with the horse. In Indonesia, this area is very popular. So, when someone visits Bromo, they should try it.
2. Try Extreme Jeep
Jeep is a unique car. Fortunately, all the tourists can try extreme jeep in here. The tourists just need to rent the jeep. After that, they can use the jeep to explore Bromo area. It will be an amazing moment. Most of the tourists come to this place with their friends. Then they can enjoy this activity together. Do not worry about the cost. In this place, the cost to rent the jeep is cheap enough.
3. Enjoy The Sunrise
Sometimes, the tourist comes here in the early morning. It is caused they want to enjoy the sunrise. In this place, the view of the sunrise is very beautiful. To enjoy the sunrise, the tourists should have nice trekking. They should up the hill and then enjoy the sunrise. There are many local guides to show the spot. So, the tourist can get a perfect view.
4. Enjoy Beautiful Scenery
Next, the best thing that should do is enjoy the scenery. Bromo offers a beautiful view. In this place, all the tourists can see many beautiful things. Mount Bromo is a beautiful mount that big. Surrounding of the mount there are caldera and hills. In addition, in here there are many activities of local people. They live near Bromo. These people very friendly with visitors.
5. Enjoy A Cup Of Coffee
The air in this area is cold enough. It is a great chance to enjoy a cup of coffee. In this place, there are many merchants offer coffee. The coffee has a unique taste. After enjoying the sunrise, enjoy a cup of coffee is the best thing in this place. The coffee will keep the body warm. In this place, all visitors should use a thick jacket because the air is very cold. Mount Bromo is a great place to visit on holiday. Do not forget to make preparation before going to this mount. This journey will need extra energy. Visit Bromo then enjoy all the things above.


This price includes for :

  • Private car with good aircond
  • English speaking driver
  • Gasoline / Petrol
  • Toll fee

This price not includes :

  • Hotel
  • Meals
  • Local guide
  • Jeep
  • Personal expense


The maximum number of passengers is 4 persons, if you need a bigger vehicle, we will arrange it and discuss about the price.

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