Kalibiru National Park: How to Get there & What to do!

Kalibiru National Park: How to Get there & What to do!


Kalibiru National Park is a natural tourist attraction located in the district of Kulon Progo Regency, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta. This tourist place has a bumpy and dominant land by the hills within the protected forest area. Nature Tour with Kalibiru Community Forest theme is located in MenorehKulon Progo hill Yogyakarta, At an altitude of 450 mdpl. 


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You are in Kalibiru, a village in Menoreh, a mountain bordering the western tip of Yogyakarta. In this mountains, 200 years ago, Prince Diponegoro and his troops had fought against the Dutch before he was deceived and exiled to Sulawesi, where he spent the rest of his life until he died there. Kalibiru is now a village mostly known for nature tourism. This is not the case, it took decades to recover its beauty due to the felling of the wrong tree. Today, thanks to the efforts of the local community to revitalize the village, Kalibiru tourism has driven the economy and has indeed become their livelihood. That's what happens between nature and they look after each other. instagramable...


The best time to visit Kalibiru is in the morning, when the sun shows more hospitality and creates light into the surrounding atmosphere. Around the area, there are pine trees that grow just on the edge of the cliff. This is the right place from which we can freely enjoy the charming view of the Menoreh mountains. So do not hesitate to climb up the stairs that are provided hanging, sit on a wooden board mounted there, breathe fresh mountain air and exhale slowly while closing your eyes.


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