Jomblang Cave | Light of Heaven

Jomblang Cave | Light of Heaven

For the adrenalin junkie, simply caving in a horizontal cave is a piece of cake. That’s why you have to come to Jomblang Cave instead. The cave located at Pacarejo Village, Semanu Sub-District, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. It offers one of a kind experience that you hardly can find in another place, here below are the reasons:

1. Vertical Entrance
To enter Jomblang Cave, the only equipment while entering the cave is a single rope as a lifeguard to descent from 80 or 90 meters high. It’s not often to find the vertical entrance for a cave. This is a special treat for anyone who loves to challenge their adrenalin. Commonly this only happens at karts plain. The hole shaped because of weather and water for a long time. Yogyakarta Province has karts plain at the east side, as part of Pegunungan Karst Sewu. The special characteristic of the area is the existence of limestone caves and underground rivers. The surface may look dry, but below the earth, it has much water.


2. Forest in the Cave
The green of forest will welcome once finished descend through the rope. The local said the forest was actually above the ground. But because of the weathered limestone couldn’t support it anymore, it fell to the bottom, revealing the cave. The scenery at the cave simply magical, as the sunrays infiltrated the limestone and the forest.


3. There’s Another Cave Down-There
Coming to Jomblang Cave, the experience would not complete without visiting the other cave. There’s Grubug Cave, more or less 300 meters by following the ally that often muddy. The entrance of the cave is diagonal with stair-like limestone slowly will bring you to descend into the earth lower and lower. It’s questionable rather the stair was manmade or it naturally formed.


4. Beautiful Grubug Cave
Coming to the cave, you will recognize it right away, the cave is beautiful. The sun rays that come into that place touched the stalactite and stalagmite and created a good color ambiance. Witnessing the golden yellow on the dark-brown limestone that formed for a long time, make it worth for having the journey.


5. Underground River (and Waterfall)
The joy does not stop there after you had descended the Jomblang Cave. There is still something waits for you on the other side of the Grubug Cave. Just like mentioned above, the area is rich with underground rivers, which you will find there. And if you still okay for some walking, follow the stream toward a waterfall. You may save enough to go for a swim if the night before didn't rain. Because the current will not be too strong but don’t put all the bet on the last-night-rain-or-not. You better ask your guide consent, Your guide will know better if it is safe or not swim. It recommended planning to cave the Jomblang Cave (and Grubug Cave) at dry season. That way you will experience all of them to the fullest. And also, start your journey in the morning, at least around 09 AM you have reached the Grubug Cave. Therefore, you will get enough time for exploring.


6. Booking Ticket at Jomblang Cave , ( Whatsapp : +62857 4104 6900 )


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