Borobudur Temple | Yogyakarta Sunrise

Borobudur Temple | Yogyakarta Sunrise

Borobudur, the majestic Buddist temples complex in Magelang, Central Java, is a sight to see. It witnessed the world change for more than two centuries, since discovered at 1814 (previously buried for around 500 years). Forest and hills are surrounding the forest, adding it’s panoramic. The best among the view, many travelers said, is Borobudur sunrise. The sunrise in Borobudur temples is one should experience at least once in a lifetime. When the golden rays of the sun tears the dark, slowly illuminates the relic, feel like a mythical and spiritual moment. For instance, the sunrise here is one of the best around the world. Before book your travel to witness sunrise at Borobudur, here things you have to know:

1. Borobudur has a Panoramic View which Turned Magical under Sunrise Rays
People recognized this ex-one-of-the-7-wonders-of-the-world has breathtaking scenery. The hills and forest surrounding the area surely add its sacred. But with the sunrise augment the hue, it becomes what usually painters paint for their painting. Borobudur sunrise is a combination of the slowly disappearing fogs, golden rays, relic temples, and Merapi Mountain at once.


2. Best Spot: Manohara Resort & Restaurant
There’s one best spot to watch Borobudur sunrise, it’s through Manohara Resort. Not that this article promotes the place, but it’s really the closest spot from the temples, with only 5 minutes walking distance. Moreover, Manohara resort located inside the complex. And also, Borobudur’s visit time started at 6 AM sharp, yet sunrise in the place happens around 5 AM. Not only that, with a special permit through a provided tour package, you can enter the temples at 4.30. That way you can experience the golden hour right from the relic. If not, you may also enjoy Borobudur as the landscape from the restaurant. And for information, the ticket box is open at 4 AM and no need beforehand reservation. Just make sure you have your passport at hand for an identity check.


3. Yes, It’s (Slightly) Pricey
Of course, all those privileges come at a high price, around $33 for adult and $17 for kids. While toddler below 6 years is free from charge. But the price comes with breakfast, souvenir, and ticket price for entering the temples. It’s not excessive expend for witnessing the Borobudur sunrise.


4. Another Alternative
If you happened to have a limited budget and even after some retrenchment still can’t afford it, there’s another alternative. The local called it Puthuk Setumbu Hills, which charged for more or less $3 USD. Although the Borobudur is only a sighting from afar, its combination with the forest and hills is far from bad. You can imagine the view as if what you see in film about a treasure discovery. Where the treasure hunter uncovered some lost sacred temple where the treasure buried. Around 5AM locals will swarm the place, so it’s better to come earlier to get the best spot.


5. Capture the Best Moment on Lens
Always make sure you have a camera as your personal arsenal. This one of a kind scenery is too precious not to be captured through the lens. Either you will put it for yourself as a reminder or share it with your Instagram followers. The golden hour with Borobudur temples at one frame is a masterpiece on itself. If you happen to be in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Borobudur sunrise is an alternative to put in your schedule. It only needs more or less an hour travel to Magelang, where it placed. You either can come directly from Yogyakarta at predawn or come spend the night there.

6. Booking online Your ticket here : Whatsapp +62857 4104 6900

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